The Ghost of Little Bay

 by Connie Keenan

The Ghost of Little Bay by Connie Keenan book cover
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14-year-old Stevie Reese and her policeman father have been on their own since her mother's death, with Stevie mostly looking after her dad. They've just moved to Little Bay, New Jersey. Stevie doesn't quite fit in at school, considers herself artist enough to tackle painting a mural on one wall of her room, and has made an interesting discovery - she and her father aren't the only inhabitants in their new home! There's also a mischievous ghost-cat named Chattanooga, and Casino-the ghost of a homeless, but charming and intelligent man who was murdered. His ghostly brother, Cyrus, has a habit of dropping in unexpectedly too, and he's not quite as nice as his brother. In discovering Casino's murderer, Stevie does a bit of growing up and learning about herself and those closest to her. It's funny, and touching and sometimes ghostly!


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