Raven's Blood

 by Liz Hill and Anne Wolfe

Raven's Blood by Liz Hill and Anne Wolfe book cover
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At Cookie's Tea Room, the latest teen hangout, Nikki Zenas and her best friend Eden Fane meet Rosie, a genuine Romani gypsy and fortuneteller. But Rosie has more than fortunes to share with Nikki and Eden--she has trouble. The treasure her dead husband left her has disappeared. Then Rosie's handsome grandson, Steven, vanishes, and Cookie's is ransacked and defaced with an ancient Romani symbol. But when Rosie's best friend is murdered--and Rosie herself is poisoned--it's up to Nikki and Eden to find out who's trying to destroy their new friend and why. A visit to the gypsy camp at Fog Hollow and the discovery of a map hidden in a valuable deck of tarot cards point Nikki and Eden in the direction of danger... and a shocking secret that threatens them all!


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