by Traci Behringer

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After witnessing an explosion in a major New York city, Cory Hunter finds himself rushing to the hospital to make sure his mother is safe. What he finds inside traps him inside a mad doctor's attempts to rule the world as he joins forces with a neurotic neurologist in search for the truth behind the explosion. Cory's main incentive--make it out of there alive so he can watch his son be born.

Synopsis: A zombie epidemic causes the death of an entire major New York city. The entirety of the story takes place within a hospital, where a married man goes to the hospital to visit his mother, only to watch the building explode. Upon investigation, he finds signs of the undead roaming, and comes across a doctor who joins him in his search to find out the truth behind the explosions. His searches lead him to a diary, which points fingers at a seemingly mad doctor employed at the hospital and starts a chain reaction to discovering his location along with what caused the explosions and thus the death of the entire city of Kingston.

Content rating: PG-13 violence (zombie violence)


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