Home Run

 by Susan Alvis

Home Run by Susan Alvis book cover
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There are times in every parent's life when they wish they could help or shield their kids from the hatred, prejudice, or other of life's cruelties. It was no different with Tabitha as she tried to get her son fair and equal treatment in the various baseball teams. Johnny loved baseball and he was good, a very good player, but as cliques go, he was often the odd man out, shunned, and not given a fair chance to really play the game he loved. That did not stop him, and to his parents delight, he continued to excel in spite of the prejudice against him. Tabitha and John did not understand why the coaches didn't want to give their son a fair chance to play the game he loved since he could first walk. Even though he was not treated fairly, they were constantly surprised by their son's attitude, and stunned when he quit baseball altogether. But stay tuned...The child with a very mature outlook on life had a big surprize in store for everyone...


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