The Door in the Hill: A Very Magical Fantasy

 by Ardath Mayhar

The Door in the Hill: A Very Magical Fantasy by Ardath Mayhar book cover
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Here is an enchanting fantasy for the young of all ages that only the Balrog and Mark Twain Award author, Ardath Mayhar, could have written. When Lindy and Bud, a sister and brother from the U.S.A., are forced to spend the summer on their uncle's English farm, they look forward to a boring three months. But, when they open a mysterious door in the side of a hill, they stumble into the world of Cyril and Jessica Cairnbracken and the other "Turnipins." What's a Turnipin? Tiny people with small, gnarly faces, voices like the hum of many bees, tiny bright eyes, long faces, crooked chins, and long, drooping noses. They wear colorful trousers, tunics, and for five thousand and thirteen years have hidden away beneath the hills of ancient England. Thus begins a series of delightful, magical adventures that will change the lives of Lindy and Bud, as well as those of the Turnipins, forever.


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