by Hank LeGrand III

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Night was beginning to fall in the tranquil mountain valley, and the long workday at the Topps' family farm had come to an end. Fall weather had once again returned, along with the exploding colors of the tree's leaves. The unmistakable sound of the elks' trumpeting calls had also returned to the valley - announcing the beginning of their mating season. It was truly a wondrous time for the elk, but it could also be a very dangerous time; especially when the elk began wandering down the old wagon train trail from the mountains, down to where the early morning frost had not yet fallen on the tender green grasses.

The Topp family - Jim, his wife Mary, and teenage son Rocky - lived on the farm at the lower end of the valley. The roaming elk foraging for food didn't really bother the Topp family all that much, except when they had to occasionally chase one or two out of their vegetable garden, or the small corn patch the Topps would plant each year. But what followed the elk down from the mountains, shadowing the animals' movements did...


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