Grim Riders

 by Tim Curren

Grim Riders by Tim Curren book cover
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For five years, Nathan Partridge languished in the Arizona Territorial Prison. All he had to keep him going was his wife, and $80,000 in hidden robbery money. Then his farmhouse burned down and his wife with it. Now he's busted out to claim what's his. Only the money's gone. The trail leads to Dead Creek, and possibly his wife, who might not be so dead as first thought.

But it's a trail painted in blood, for Partridge is a hunted man--by desperadoes, by bounty hunters, and by the law. There's a relentless federal marshal hounding him and two deranged Virginia manhunters whose favorite prey is human. But Partridge's most desperate enemy might be his sadistic, homicidal father.

Things are about to get ugly in Dead Creek...


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