Slam Check

 by Leonard Furlotte

Slam Check by Leonard Furlotte book cover
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This is a story about Zach Jordan, an emotionally broken Flight Engineer Sergeant in the Canadian Air Force. He is single and on a NATO posting to Geilenkirchen, Germany. For the last four years he has been serving on the Boeing 707 Cargo Version.

After his crew is suddenly tasked to pick up a mysterious 'Senior German Diplomat' in Saudi Arabia, he becomes inadvertently involved in a secret plot to take over the world with a Doomsday device of immensely catastrophic proportions.

After his Commanding Officer is found murdered in his apartment, Zach, although innocent, is a wanted man. Follow Zach's journey as he tries to both escape the authorities, and search for a mysterious woman who could have the key to unlocking the nightmare that has become his life. At the same time, Doctor Z, the madman and leader of a secret sinister group is searching for him also.

Thrown into the middle of this whirlwind, Zach must discover the true story behind what is happening, and stop the insane Doctor from dominating the world with a destructive device that has enough potential to make the combined world nuclear stockpile, seem like a simple New Year fireworks celebration.


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