by Libby McKinmer

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Love Romances Golden Rose Nominee--Best Romantic Suspense!

All About Murder Bloody Dagger Award Nominee!

When another crime of sexual assault is reported, detective Emily Evans is assigned the case. Find the serial rapist who's attacking successful, professional women while leaving no clues behind. Emily's younger sister had been raped and murdered three years earlier, and her murderer had evaded capture. Now Emily has the opportunity to stop a rapist in her own city.

But there's significant danger in setting a trap for so violent a criminal. The bait must be perfect and Emily has no plan to put anyone but herself at risk.

As she talks to victims, she discovers their common link is dating through the personals. That sends Emily to meet Mac Landon, the GQ-looking bachelor who edits the advertising section of The Yorkton Daily Gazette. Though Emily is attracted to Mac, her first priority, she tries to tell herself, is to solve the case.

Emily begins dating through the personal ads despite Mac's worry, and soon a darker presence begins to cast its shadow. And as the killer stalks Emily, will Mac find her in time to help her stop the rapist--or will their newfound love be stopped in its tracks?


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