The Chimaera

 by Martene Laramie

The Chimaera by Martene Laramie book cover
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Senior F. B. I. agent Samantha Connelly is a highly trained professional, self described as a chronic workaholic, part perfectionist - part detective. Her focus is always on every detail not only in her career, but in her personal life as well. She loves to play the sleuth while remaining unbiased in her opinions. To her there is nothing quite like the lending of her many skills to the manipulation of the game, the figuring, the planning and the investigation itself. These skills have enabled her to accomplish much, while also allowing her to avoid burn out despite the many difficulties and stress associated with her career.

That is until the most recent case. The mystery twists as evidence turns up what appears to be an altered strand of DNA. Sam digs deeper finding herself at odds with what is uncovered. Secrets that were meant to be hidden have been revealed to Sam. These secrets will shake Sam to her very core leaving her with more questions than answers.


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