The Bone Parade

 by Mark Nykanen

The Bone Parade by Mark Nykanen book cover
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Methodical, calculating, and detached during his usual kidnappings and murders (by which he literally bronzes his victims at the moment of their utmost despair), he lets himself go with family #9, developing a liking to the unorthodox and outspoken teenage daughter, who seems to be taunting him with her every move. With each day that he lets them survive, waiting for the perfect moment to come to pass for his next creation, family #9 will make him question how much he is in control of his own creation.

Author's Comments:

The Bone Parade came to me in the voice of Ashley Stassle. He was irrepressible, and his words poured out with barely a pause. Typically, I rewrite a great deal; but when I started buffing Ashley’s first person account, he wouldn’t hear of it. So he appears to you pretty much as he appeared to me. He remains one of my favorite characters.

“In the creepiest page turner since 'The Silence of the Lambs,' an art professor and her reporter boyfriend search for a missing student. Parts of the story are told from the perspective of a serial killer, a sculptor whose masterpieces are cast from molds of his victims. Smart and Sca-a-ary!” - US Weekly's "Hot Book Picks: Thrillers!"


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