Harm's Way

 by Sam Cross

Harm's Way by Sam Cross book cover
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Clare Boyd is a successful businesswoman, but her ascension up the corporate ladder has not been without its fair share of losses, including her ex-husband and five-year-old daughter Isabelle, with whom she has all but lost contact.

But her cold world, her frozen existence, is about to melt into a fiery hell.

For Clare is about to discover that her father was a serial killer.

Can the craving for killing be passed down from parent to child? Does murder flow in her veins? What kind of deadly desires have been passed onto her? What kind of legacy has been lurking in the shadows of her past, waiting to step out of the darkness and reveal her true nature?

In the abandoned home of her childhood, the haunted visions of her past will once again become terrifyingly real.

And Clare will be forced to meet her fate - whoever he may be.


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