Forbidden Fruit

 by Erica Spindler

Forbidden Fruit by Erica Spindler book cover
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Lead us not into temptation... At fifteen, Victor Santos sneaks out to meet friends and returns home to find his mother murdered. But with only a half-eaten apple as their sole clue, the police fail to find the killer. Brooding with guilt and revenge, Victor encounters Glory, a girl unaware of her scandalous ancestry. Suffering at the hands of her controlling mother, Glory is desperate to discover the secrets and lies her mother is hiding - the secrets and lies that Victor holds the key to. Years later, the 'Snow White Killer' is back in New Orleans, murdering prostitutes and leaving a gruesome calling card. Detective Victor Santos is on the case - could it be that his mother's killer has returned to slaughter once more?

"A first-rate romantic thriller." - Rendezvous

"I can put Spindler on my growing list of favourite crime-fiction authors." - Evening Standard

"[Erica Spindler is] a master of suspense." - Ulster Tatler


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