Dry Rain

 by B. J. Kibble

Dry Rain by B. J. Kibble book cover
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British police detective Tom Carver is sent to investigate what he believes to be a run-of-the-mill murder of a nameless vagrant. As he works the case, however, he learns that the murdered man was a banker who was moonlighting as a blackmailer with ties to Maximilian Snider, the head of a nefarious crime organization. The murder victim had stolen a top-secret disc for Snider with information about the government's attempts to manufacture a battlefield nerve gas agent.

When he refuses to drop the murder case investigation, Carver is framed by members of his own force, who are in league with Snider. Soon he is on the run from the police, Security Services and Snider's hit men, and even his estranged family is threatened. Can Carver get Snider before he releases the nerve agent across London?


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