Double Vision

 by Fiona Brand

Double Vision by Fiona Brand book cover
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Almost two decades ago a car accident thrust Rina Morrell's life into darkness.

Unable to deal with the traumatic loss of her mother, Rina's young mind built a wall that blocked her vision and her memories of the event. Years later Rina still suffers from psychosomatic blindness - unable to see the danger that lies next to her. Until a series of "accidents" restores her physical sight and a mysterious second vision... When she discovers that her husband is the head of the infamous Chavez family, a drugs cartel with powerful political and terrorist connections, and that he's responsible for her mother's death, Rina is terrified. With the help of CIA Agent JT Wyatt she escapes into the Witness Security Programme.

But even anonymity can't protect her from the knowledge locked inside her head...or the fact that her ex-husband, a cold-blooded killer, is still on the loose.


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