See Jane Win for Girls

 by Dr Sylvia Rimm

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See Jane Win® for Girls A Smart Girl's Guide to Success Have you ever seen successful women and wondered, ''How did they get to be that way? What did they do when they were kids? How did they feel? What kinds of experiences did they have? How did they become so confident, capable, and strong?'' Dr. Sylvia Rimm wondered the same things. She decided to get answers - from women themselves. She and her daughters surveyed more than 1,000 successful women, then wrote two books for adults: See Jane Win® and How Jane Won. Those books are helping many parents raise amazing daughters. But you don't have to wait for someone to help you. You can help yourself. This book shows you how. It's full of ideas you can start using now to shape your own future. Look inside to find: Specific, practical ''I CAN'' tips for following your dreams, building healthy self-esteem, using your brainpower, improving your social smarts, forming new interests and talents, exploring the world, dealing with big changes, finding role models and mentors, learning and growing with your family, and more.....Quick quizzes and questions that keep you on track.....Fill-in-the-blank charts and pages that help you learn more about yourself.....True ''I CAN'' stories from kids and teens.....Inspiring words from real women - teachers, attorneys, astronauts, musicians, physicians, photographers, publishers, congresswomen, businesswomen, radio announcers, TV news anchors, homemakers, and others......A ''Digging Deeper'' discussion guide to share with caring adults.....And more! Even if you think you're ordinary or average, the truth is, you're full of potential. This book helps you make the most of it. Because anything's possible when you're an ''I CAN'' girl.


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