Hearts Among The Stars

 by Joe Vadalma

Hearts Among The Stars by Joe Vadalma book cover
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RRP: £3.33

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A Stunning Collection of Romantic SF and Fantasy from the Bestselling Author of the Morgaine the Sorceress series. does love and romance mix well in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dark Fantasy stories? It does in the stories in this collection! In Joe Vadalma's new book, love (and lust) figures prominently. Here are fifteen stories in which love or romance are major factors in the outcome of the plot. They are stories of encounters with demons, robots, monsters and witches, and adventures in time, haunted houses and fantasy lands. Included are: Kumiko, Rosepetal and the Hunter, Abandoned Mansion, Alvida, Magic Crystal, Shadow in the Sky, Strange Artifact, Box on the Seashore, and more.


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