Durham Red #3: The Encoded Heart

 by Peter J Evans

Durham Red #3: The Encoded Heart by Peter J Evans book cover
Price: £3.99
RRP: £4.51

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The galaxy's sexiest vampire is back!

The most hunted woman in the galaxy has got a killer attitude... and one hell of a bite!

The Encoded Heart continues the tale of bloodsucking vampire and sexy killing machine with attitude, Durham Red. Critically injured in battle, Red is spirited away by servants of the mysterious Magister of Cados, and taken to his vast citadel on the planet Magadan. However, this Samaritan is not what he appears to be, and Red must use all of her powers to get off the planet before it's too late.

Packed with Gothic chills and SF thrills, this time Durham Red is on a whole different world of trouble.

Also in the series: The Unquiet Grave, The Omega Solution, Manticore Reborn, Black Dawn


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