Future Freaks

 by Sheila Reading

Future Freaks by Sheila Reading book cover
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Tre Barringer is under suspicion after a close friend of his, Flip, is nearly killed while playing a full-immersion video game with his log-on. Before he can be questioned by authorities, he receives word that his estranged grandfather has died on the moon. Tre must present himself to the board of his grandfather's company, or he will loose his inheritance. On the run from federal agents and being pursued by hired cyber assassins, Tre must use all his gifting to reach the moon alive. Along the way, the fates of five individuals become entwined, as circumstances began to herd them together for a climactic cyber show-down.

Future Freaks plays out in a highly futuristic, cyber-suffused, world that's been both benefited and corrupted by extremely advanced genetic engineering and neural networking that allow for the creation of inner-scapes and fantasies-into-action that go beyond anything computer - "virtual" imaginable today.


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