The Million Year Journey

 by Laurence Moroney

The Million Year Journey by Laurence Moroney book cover
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The Sequel to "The Fourth World" leads Fintan, Zack and Ayako to the other side of the Universe in the adventure of a lifetime!

The events on mars have shaken Fintan to his very core. He hears Nizhoni's voice in his head, and thinks he is breaking down. But when fate brings him back together with the Navajo, he realizes that all may not be as it appears, and returns to Area 51.

Having lived through a war with the mysterious Hunters, rejoining school life proves to be difficult, but he has his friends, Zack and Ayako at his side. And when a new crop of children comes into the school to join Red Squadron, he makes new friends, including the enigmatic Rachel.

When humanity's first Starship, the Destiny, while on its maiden voyage to Saturn, crashes on an unknown world on the far side of the Galaxy, the voices come back to haunt Fintan, and lead him to the discovery of a lifetime...

Book 2 of "The Fourth World: The Legend of the Locust"


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