The Hospital Homicides Murder Case

 by George F. Worts

The Hospital Homicides Murder Case by George F. Worts book cover
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Wily Lawyer-Detective Gillian Hazeltine's Toughest Case! It's a case of guilt at first sight when a young surgeon skips out of town to marry a key witness just before his wealthy aunt is found poisoned and the only other witness discovered with his throat cut. That 1930s master of legal-legerdemain Gillian Hazeltine thinks different, but with the evidence for guilt mounting, can he prove the young medico's innocence in a court of law? George F. Worts' classic courtroom dazzler, The Hospital Homicides Murder Case, begins with a literal bang when the lawyer-sleuth bumps into a frightened young woman buying tickets at the airport.

The mystery deepens when Gillian is called in to change the Will of eccentric millionaire physician, Hobart Creed, who has determined to leave his new $15,000,000 clinic to brilliant, idealistic surgeon, Dan Starbuck. He is also introduced to Hannah Starbuck, Dan's wealthy, aged aunt, who is suffering from a serious heart ailment. Within hours, Dr. Hoyle is found murdered in his office, and Hannah Starbuck has succumbed after being treated by her nephew. When Dan's knife is found in Dr. Hoyle's back, district attorney Mark Storm slaps the young surgeon in a cell, charged with murder.

In the courtroom, a string of damaging witnesses come forward against Starbuck, accusing him of alcoholism, drug addiction and malpractice in the death of patients. Gillian doesn't doubt the young doctor's innocence, but as the trial draws to a close and the net grows tighter around his client, even the canny attorney begins to wonder if even he can find a loophole or uncover a clue that will save Dan Starbuck from the electric chair in time.

A Gillian Hazeltine Court Room Mystery Series.

"One of the best entries in this delightful series."--St. Louis-Globe Democrat.


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