Madame Storey, Private Investigator

 by Hulbert Footner

Madame Storey, Private Investigator by Hulbert Footner book cover
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Classic 1920s Woman P.I. Out Of Print For 50 Years! Madame Rosika Storey was one of the most celebrated fictional female private investigators during the Golden Age of the mystery (1920-40) The Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection calls her, "a stunningly beautiful young woman who describes herself as 'a practical psychologist - specializing in the feminine." Madame Storey, Private Detective, reprints the very first Madame Storey novel and a bonus Madame Storey mystery short - both from the early-1920s. When multimillionaire financier Ashcomb Poor, a married man with a taste for high-living and women, is murdered the suspects are few. Most of the household had been out that evening, leaving only the spunky, brainy Miss Philippa Dean, Mrs. Poor's secretary, and Mrs. Batten, the aged housekeeper at home with the lascivious millionaire. Philippa Dean. After Philippa Dean's pistol is found at the crime scene, she quickly confesses but refuses to explain herself or to have an attorney represent her at her murder trial. Soon Madame Storey is called in on the case - by the prosecuting attorney! Suspects begin to mount up, a mysterious army pilot, a jaded man about town, several of the dead man's former mistresses, even his wife, who appears to have an unbreakable alibi. Madame Storey becomes convinced Philippa Dean is innocent. But can even she save a woman who swears she committed the crime?

"Madame Storey is a winner!" New York Herald


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