High Seas Murder Case

 by George F. Worts

High Seas Murder Case by George F. Worts book cover
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A classic mystery from the Golden Age of the detective story! George F. Wort's The High Seas Murder Case begins when defense attorney Gillian Hazeltine, dubbed the Silver Fox for his wily courtroom tactics, sees an ancient, disreputable schooner, Jula Jungle, sail into port. The captain and first mate have been slaughtered with an ax--and the only suspect is Roger Pawling, blacksheep scion of a wealthy family. Every man aboard the ship swears to his guilt. Only the daughter of the slain captain believes in Pawling's innocence, and to save him, she blackmails Gillian Hazeltine into taking the case. When Adelbert Yistle, Gillian's bitterest enemy, is named to head the prosecution, the Silver Fox realizes he is in for the battle of his life. Eager for a conviction, even more eager for a courtroom victory over Gillian, Yistle hides evidence, coaches witnesses, even overlooks perjury. Faced with five witnesses who claim they saw Pawling murder the captain and mate, and Adelbert Yistle's trickery, Gillian's case seems hopeless--and then he learns his client had an excellent motive for murder. Gillian sees only one possible chance to save Roger Pawling from the electric chair--and to take it, he will have to get the trial moved from the courtroom to the decks of the Jula Jungle itself!

Cover design: J. L. "Frankie" Hill

The Classic 1930 Gillian Hazeltine Courtroom Thriller!


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