Death Sting

 by Bob Liter

Death Sting by Bob Liter book cover
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RRP: £3.31

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Private Eye Nick Bancroft'S Deadliest Case! When Vicki Fowler's body is found covered with bee stings in a Central Illinois pasture the sheriff calls her death an accident. Free-lance reporter and private detective Nick Bancroft doesn't believe it. He learns the victim lived in a home for young unwed mothers who work as waitresses and whores at a local nightclub. Murder suspects include an alcoholic handy man, the man and wife who operate the home, a nightclub operator and his henchman, and a sheriff's deputy. Federal agents on the trail of an international porno ring try to halt Nick's investigation. Nick is beaten and thrown in a ditch. Later he and his earthy lover, Maggie Atley, are dumped in a deep lake with weights tied to their ankles. The Nick Bancroft Mysteries are "power packed ... draw the reader into the story from the opening line and hold the attention to the surprising end.

Peopled with fascinating, credible characters," raves Holly Martin in Black Dragon Reviews. Bob Liter's detective novels are full of "twists and turns. A real Loo-Loo!" says Detra Fitch in Huntress Book Reviews.


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