Crystal Skull

 by Rob MacGregor

Crystal Skull by Rob MacGregor book cover
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The crystal skull has a power of attraction that has led many to seek its beauty at a local South Florida museum. So much so that a wealthy art patron has decided to bankroll the search for the skull's missing twin, an artifact of ancient history and rumor. Legend has it that the person in possession of the pair will live forever. For Florida P.I. Nicholas Pierce the case has all the earmarks of a paid vacation, albeit an unusual one. But when the museum director turns up dead and the museum's original skull turns up missing, the vacation turns into a nightmare. Only in a demented dream would Pierce find a cast of suspects as strange as this: an aging counterculture psychology professor, a mega-maniacal movie maker, and a paranormal anthropologist as sexy as she is smart. Amid the swamps of South Florida, the trail gets murkier and the plot stickier until our investigator pierces the heart of the mystery.


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