August is Murder

 by Bob Liter

August is Murder by Bob Liter book cover
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The Nudist And The Killer!

When a sexy nudist hires him to protect her from whoever is threatening her life, Nick Bancroft becomes the target. Someone tries to burn him alive, beats the hell out of him and, since that didn't run him off, uses him for target practice. Meanwhile, two people are murdered, Nick's true love, Maggie Atley, is more than somewhat perturbed by his relationship with his client, and a mysterious club seems to hold the answer. Nick survives another losing season by his beloved Chicago Cubs, a vicious attack by a couple of huge dogs and eventually puts the finger on the bad guys. As novelist Eric George (Foreign Affairs) says, "Bob Liter paints lively characters and moves them through an exciting and original story. Nothing is predictable. We are not even completely sure who the bad guys are until the end. But you can be sure that you will keep turning the pages to find out."


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