Animal Behavior and Other Tales of Lycanthropy

 by Keith Gouveia

Animal Behavior and Other Tales of Lycanthropy by Keith Gouveia book cover
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Eleven Startling Tales of Werewolf Terror!

An excommunicated priest who hides a dark secret, one not even the dead will be able to keep. -- The grisly death of a high profile doctor leads to an investigation into one man's psyche, and poses the question if he is a man at all. -- A lone wolf whose only wish is to be a mother, but how far will she go? -- After losing his beloved daughter, a man hunts the beast responsible, but soon realizes things aren't always black and white, and dark choices must be made. -- For some, prom night is a chance to shine amongst peers, even get lucky, but for Steve Figura it's a chance to put an old myth to the test and exact some vengeance in the process. -- Born a werewolf, Murphy Crane is about to discover there is something far deadlier stalking the streets of Homestead, Florida, than the beast scratching under his skin, yearning to be free. -- A man searches for his missing brother, but finds a centuries-old curse instead. -- Marcus's time in boot camp is coming to an end and in order to make the cut he'll need to find that animal instinct within, one primed for war. -- When a young man takes his girlfriend to a nearby cabin for some alone time, they find a woman caged like an animal. Two's company. You know the rest. -- Nicky and Jonah are just a couple of best pals looking to score the best Halloween costumes money can't buy. The price: one's life. -- When Victor Bianchi's goons catch up to Jesse Barnes, he finds a kindred spirit in an unlikely place. -- The moon is full. The beast is restless. Are you brave enough to answer the call?

"Succulent and satisfying, fans of lycanthropes won't be able to resist digging their teeth into these tales." - Lorne Dixon, author of Snarl and The Lifeless


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