Exiles Of Damaria Book I: Riddles And Dreams

 by Ardath Mayhar

Exiles Of Damaria Book I: Riddles And Dreams by Ardath Mayhar book cover
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Balrog Winning Fantasy Author! In Ardath Mayhar's most wondrous work yet, Riddle the Poet, cousin of the King of Damaria, barely escapes with his own life from the King's murder. The King has been killed by his own son, manipulated by Dinorm, an ancient being whose evil had once tainted the land. Riddle smuggles out with him the rightful king, his four-year-old nephew Lute. Riddle's goal is to deliver his nephew to the City in the Mist, a harbor town where a powerful branch of their family can protect the boy until he reaches maturity. In the forest, Riddle gains an odd assortment of traveling companions and allies. First is Chark of the burrowing Turnig, now hunted for their fur. Next is Moonlight, partly feline, one of the fabled Dreamers, whose awesome mental powers are legend. Then Riddle encounters Gorghoz the Goremin, last of his kind in Damaria, and Kilelli, half-simian, half man. All have reason to flee and hate Dinorm. Through blizzards and battles with magical beings, the strangely assorted companions struggle toward their goal, impeded at every turn by power of Dinorm, and his henchman The Mover in the North. But when, almost at the very wall of the City in the Mist, Riddle and his companions are finally face to face with Dinorm and the Mover in the North, their only hope against the two evil entities is the dark side of Moonlight's powers. However, if she unleashes it, the act will destroy her Dreamers' abilities forever! The conclusion of this thrilling fantasy adventure will be told in Book II, "Ships and Seekers."


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