The Courier

 by James R. Vance

The Courier by James R. Vance book cover
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Although written first, The Courier is the third book of a trilogy, each focusing on one major event in the lives and careers of two detectives, Inspector Ray Massey and Sergeant Chris Turner. In their quest to solve what originally appears to be a mundane case of misplaced baggage involving an innocent student, the two detectives are drawn into a complex web of deceit. Set in the backdrop of central London and northern France, when the contents of a lost briefcase at Waterloo station are found to contain wads of used fifty pound notes, the investigation escalates to a higher level of intensity. A kidnap followed by a ransom demand, a bungled police operation and lack of forensic evidence frustrate the two detectives as they realise that some highly professional criminal minds are at work. Before they know it, the investigation develops into a full-scale struggle against terrorism from an unexpected source. The Courier seeks to create a visual drama in the mind of the reader. Many people today are conditioned to absorb crime thrillers through the medium of DVD, video or TV, often based on existing novels or contrived scripts. The Courier reverses this trend; it is a visual experience in words.


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