Stolen Magic

 by Cindy Davis and John Richters

Stolen Magic by Cindy Davis and John Richters book cover
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A young mage and his healer friend must recover a stolen Node of magical power.

Obsessed with becoming the most powerful magician in the world, the insufferable Eklet returns to Worlton to steal the town's Node of power. In the process, he discovers a hidden storehouse of ancient spells. Determined to possess everything, including the bracelet of Dorea, he hires marauders to do his dirty work.Only the young mage Narle and his healer friend Laan have the means to stop Eklet. But they are distracted by the arrival of the beauteous Josella, a mage in training. She manages to dazzle Narle and alienate Laan, before finally joining forces with Eklet. Can Narle and Laan put aside their differences to foil Eklet's plot and save Worlton?


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