Sleepy Juanita

 by Frank Zimmer

Sleepy Juanita by Frank Zimmer book cover
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Juanita's family works hard all day, raising crops and tending to their animals. But while her parents and her little brother, Felipe, toil, Juanita often enjoys a long nap. Her behavior is frustrating to her brother, who speaks of the situation one day in the presence of his trusted burro Gordo.

Gordo does not want Felipe to be unhappy, so he decides to solve the problem. But Juanita is a much heavier sleeper than he anticipated. So Gordo gets his friend Mona, a horse, to help out, and soon all the animals know about the dilemma and want to lend a hand.

Mona proposes they work together to rouse Juanita from her afternoon slumber. Will their unusual wake-up call be enough to change sleepy Juanita's ways?


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