The Surrogate: How GOD and One Man Brought Down a Dynasty

 by Charles Thomas Collins Cassey

The Surrogate: How GOD and One Man Brought Down a Dynasty by Charles Thomas Collins Cassey book cover
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Charles Cassey created this work as a means of showing the American people that they can help to make history in this great land of ours. He details his personal journey on the road as a surrogate to Barack Obama in his quest for the presidency.

He generously shares statistical details as proof that when people band together for a cause, in this case the election of a president, that great and mighty things can be accomplished. Cassey shows the power that the African-American community in the United States was able to wield, even though they make up only 15 percent of the population.

This autobiography should inspire others to join together for the causes that are closest to their hearts. There is much that can be accomplished and it is up to us all to get involved.


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