Recently Added Adventure Fiction eBooks

Newly added Adventure Fiction eBooks that have only recently been made available.

Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull book cover

The crystal skull has a power of attraction that has led many to seek its beauty at a local South Florida museum. So much so that a wealthy art patron has...


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Price: £5.39

The Mucker Trilogy

The Mucker Trilogy book cover

A Classic Burroughs Trilogy First Time In One Book! - The Mucker; Return of the Mucker; The Oakdale Affair The Mucker is widely regarded as Edgar Rice Burroughs' best...


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Price: £2.99

The Thief of Bagdad

The Thief of Bagdad book cover

First published in 1924, The Thief of Bagdad has been reprinted only once in the past seventy-five years! Don't miss your chance to read this gorgeous, opulently...


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Price: £3.19

Triple Trouble: A Cassidy Callahan Novel

Triple Trouble: A Cassidy Callahan Novel book cover

Join Cassidy Callahan in a three part tracking adventure with trouble at every turn. In Part 1, Trouble Time, all Cassidy Callahan wants...


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Price: £4.49

Two Years Before the Mast

Two Years Before the Mast book cover

Tracing an awe-inspiring ocean journey from Boston, around Cape Horn, to the California coast, Two Years Before the Mast is both a riveting story of adventure...


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Price: £2.89

The Sword of Islam and Other Tales of Adventure

The Sword of Islam and Other Tales of Adventure book cover

Rafael Sabatini (1875-1950) was an Italian/British writer who crafted some of the greatest tales of action and adventure ever written, including "Captain Blood,"...


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Price: £4.19

Twice Lost

Twice Lost book cover

A typical Kingston book, full of incident, and co-incidence. We particularly liked the way in which the topic of the lost boy, Harry, is introduced, and later on...


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Price: £1.59