Twice Lost

 by W. H. G. Kingston

Twice Lost by W. H. G. Kingston book cover
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A typical Kingston book, full of incident, and co-incidence. We particularly liked the way in which the topic of the lost boy, Harry, is introduced, and later on a boy who had been found by the natives of a Pacific island, comes into the story, being the person who found one of the ship's company who had been lost overboard in heavy weather. The latter had made his way ashore by sheer grit and determination (being a Sandwich Islander). They realise Harry is originally an English boy, and take him on board, and away from his savage masters who had been using him as a pearl-driver. Much later on they decide to settle in Australia. Lo! and behold! the people who had settled on the next station were Harry's parents.

It is a good story, well-told, and worth listening to or reading.


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