Triple Trouble: A Cassidy Callahan Novel

 by Kelly Rysten

Triple Trouble: A Cassidy Callahan Novel by Kelly Rysten book cover
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RRP: £5.25

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Join Cassidy Callahan in a three part tracking adventure with trouble at every turn.

In Part 1, Trouble Time , all Cassidy Callahan wants to do is get her life back on track, but it seems an impossible task when she gets carjacked at gunpoint.

In Part 2, Trouble Tracker , Cassidy's friend, detective Rusty Michaels, needs her help in tracking down a forest ranger who went missing on a routine maintenance hike. Cassidy finds more trouble than she bargained for in her hike into the rough and sometimes dangerous woods of southern California.

In Part 3, Trouble Target , it seems like one problem just leads to another. Drug lord Mario Peccati takes the raid on his operation personally. When he terrorizes Cassidy's family and friends, she knows there is only one solution. She must face the drug lord, on his turf, with his rules. Cassidy is going to need all her wiles and skills just to stay alive as she becomes the hunted, with a hunter who knows no mercy.


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