The Visitor

 by Barbara Raffin

The Visitor by Barbara Raffin book cover
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Shape shifter or clone? Which has returned Rebecca Tierney's husband's body to her nine months after he was cremated? THE VISITOR is a modern day gothic with a sci-fi twist. Think Star Man meets The Terminator without the violence. In an old Victorian house perched on the bluffs of Lake Superior, the largest, deepest, coldest, and most unforgiving of The Great Lakes, an emissary from an advanced culture searches for the key that will stop the dying in his intellectual world of pure energy. With only seven days to accomplish his task, the last complication he needs is a woman who wants what the genes he's recreated from her husband's ashes can provide, her husband's child. But, The Visitor will discover immortality is nothing without love while the grieving Rebecca will learn to let go of a past she can't change and find she has the strength to move forward with life...even if it's not the life she planned.


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